After rejection, Svbtle finally lets me in. Hi, I’m Josh Kerr.

I’ve wanted to blog on the Svbtle platform ever since Dustin launched it in 2012 but I didn’t get an invite until today. Its been over a year and a lot has changed.

I co-founded a new company called Written which acts like a super agent for bloggers by licensing their high ranking content to brands. I started it with 3 other successful entrepreneurs I met at Capital Factory a little while back. We raised a pretty awesome seed round and are rockin away on our plans to help bloggers quit their jobs and focus full time on writing. So that happened.

I also picked up a blog on Medium which is an invite only network of bloggers like Svbtle but I haven’t been writing much there. It has a pretty awesome interface but the organization of the content is quirky and it doesn’t give me access to analytics so I can’t tell what is working and what isn’t.

I spend a lot more time micro blogging on Twitter and which is made easy by using Buffer. Its like I don’t even have to try.

And then there is my Wordpress hosted blog where I’ve been doing most of my blogging. It might not have the same slick interface of Svbtle but the flexibility and power of the Wordpress platform is hard to beat.

Now I’ve got my own Svbtle blog. Hi I’m Josh Kerr.


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