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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop perfect with a Macbook Pro

The new Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard and mouse set is the perfect compliment to your Macbook Pro. Perfect as in the keyboard rests nicely on top of the Macbook Pro keyboard without pressing any of the keys underneath it. This awesome coincidence allows one to replace the Macbook Pro keyboard with a much more comfortable Microsoft Sculpt keyboard but maintain the comfort of working closely to your screen.

Sculpt keyboard.jpg

The keyboard will cover the trackpad so you’ll need to use the included Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse but that isn’t too much of a problem because the mouse is very comfortable and it tracks well.

The keyboard itself is very comfortable, the palm rest has a cushioned rubbery feel to it and the action on the keys are good (better than any of the previous Microsoft Ergonomic keyboards) but it isn’t a Torpe or Cherry key switch so if you are used to those you will be...

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Apple’s midrange iPhone 5C appeals more to me than the top of the line 5S.

Photo source: Morgan Jones

Somebody was smoking crack at Apple when they decided that a fingerprint reader would tempt folks to shell out the additional cash for the high end model iPhone. It is a boring feature announced with a bunch of other boring features that make Apple’s iPhone 5C appear to be much more interesting than its top of the line iPhone 5S.

“the first ever [64-bit processor] in a phone of any kind.” - Phil Schiller

Yawn. For practical purposes, 64-bit means that the processor in the phone can address more than 4GB of RAM. The 5S has 2GB of ram so it isn’t even taking advantage of it. Not only that, but developers need to compile their apps into 64-bit versions to take advantage of it.

Apple likely introduced the 64-bit chip as part of its long term plan to make iOS devices a viable replacement for Notebooks and Desktops. I think this vision is right but we...

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After rejection, Svbtle finally lets me in. Hi, I’m Josh Kerr.

I’ve wanted to blog on the Svbtle platform ever since Dustin launched it in 2012 but I didn’t get an invite until today. Its been over a year and a lot has changed.

I co-founded a new company called Written which acts like a super agent for bloggers by licensing their high ranking content to brands. I started it with 3 other successful entrepreneurs I met at Capital Factory a little while back. We raised a pretty awesome seed round and are rockin away on our plans to help bloggers quit their jobs and focus full time on writing. So that happened.

I also picked up a blog on Medium which is an invite only network of bloggers like Svbtle but I haven’t been writing much there. It has a pretty awesome interface but the organization of the content is quirky and it doesn’t give me access to analytics so I can’t tell what is working and what isn’t.

I spend a lot more time micro blogging...

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